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Bush puked in the punch bowl

Almost every one I talk to tells me that it will be great when Bush is out of office. I can't help but feel that this is an incredibly short-sighted and over-simplified view to take. Have you ever been at a really great party where every one is having the time of their life and then all of sudden some moronic prick decides that he's going to empty the contents of his stomach into the punch bowl that every one has been drinking out of? Have you noticed that these people usually just laugh, wipe their mouths on the table cloth and then happily leave with-out a care in the world? That in a rather graphic nut shell is how I view the current situation regarding Bush and his fellow gate-crashers. They put their entire country in peril, destroyed all credibility of their nation in the eyes of the international community and took countless lives of innocent people. In two years Bush and his buddies get to walk away from all that they have done, leaving everybody else to clean up and try and get back at least some level of peace. I can guarantee this will not be easy.

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